Rocklin Pumi

Rocklin Pumi

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What is a Pumi? 

The Pumi is a fast learning, highly trainable, intelligent terrier type herding dog.  He is a native breed of Hungary, where he is officially recognized as one of the “National Treasures,” a “HUNGARICUM” of the country.

Most likely, the Pumi  originates from the Puli, an old Hungarian herding breed, dating back to the nomadic period of the nation, prior to the arrival to the Karpathian-Basin from Central Asia (the Puli is still an active herding breed today.) In addition, the Pumi has also related to the Mudi and other Central European herding breeds and continental terrier type dogs present in the 17th and 18th century. The Pumi has officially been recognized in Europe since 1920 and in the breed became recognized by the AKC in 2016. 

The Pumi is not for everyone!  

It is a terrier type, highly intelligent herding breed, luckily with an off-switch. The Pumi is easily trainable, however, he needs daily off leash physical exercise and mental stimulation. The Pumi does not take raincheck easily and he is certainly not a backyard dog to be left alone. The Pumi might appear to be tough and invincible from the outside, he can be a fragile and delicate soul.  He wants to be a partner, and a family member.  A Pumi thrives the most in active families. He is  a great companion, sport and recreational dog. He is naturally good off-leash (in safe areas) and has a fantastic recall.  Still, it is important that the Pumi gets proper training, socialization and exposure to various stimuli of versatile environments to earn the full reward of his wonderful personality and character. The Pumi tends to be vocal, however, his voice can easily be controlled if he is properly cared for. The Pumi likes guidance and even though, tend to be a “one person dog,” he always listens and obeys to the “rest of the pack.”

When we plan a Pumi litter, we focus on temperament, physical health, correct anatomy, correct hair type, characteristic head, pigmentation, and desired colors. We try to see several offsprings, siblings and other relatives of the dogs whom we consider in our breeding program. 

We interview and screen every potential puppy buyer and whom we think are the most suitable and can provide the best home, will be able to purchase dogs from us.

We do not sell dogs to people who plan to keep our dogs in kennels.  A Pumi must live together and share the home with its owner… 

All Pumi puppies to be sold, will be registered with AKC, microchipped, vaccinated with the first round of shots and dewormed up to date.

If for any reason, (and we believe there are almost none) a Pumi from our breeding needs a new home, regardless of age or health condition, we reserve the right for that dog to be returned to us.


Its General Herding Style

The Pumi, is a loose-eyed herding dog and is mostly referred to as a driver type. He is agile, vocal, and works close to the stock. He is comfortable working with sheep, goat, cattle, ducks and swine.

First Impression – The Informal Pumi

The Pumi has a lively and playful temperament and he is also considered as bold, however, he tends to be reserved or suspicious towards strangers, like most herding breeds. In public,  Pumik always attracts attention because of their attractive conformation and always active playful behavior. The Pumi tends to be vocal, however, with a balanced lifestyle, he barks only when there is a reason for it.  A shy or dispassionate behavior are atypical of the Pumi. The Pumi is a “telltail” dog (his tail tells everything…).

Family Pet, Sport and Performance Dog, Herding Dog

Pumi Up until WWII, the Pumi breed had gone through a rather harsh, selection process. Pumis were needed for herding, and as watch dogs. Many of  them performing complicated tasks. Taking the herd to the common pastures between crop fields in the morning, take them back to the well for drinking midday, and herd the stock back home and select them to their respective homes in the evening. Shepherds needed fast learning reliable dogs and they had no or small tolerance for mistakes. Dogs which “did not get it,” were not fed and chased away from the herd. However, where nature and nurture managed to work together in harmony in the existing environment, the outcome was a close to perfect herding Pumi, ready for any task. A dog fierce with the stock, fearless with intruders and the most loyal to his “master”.

Our Pumik


AKC Certified Therapy Dog

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Rocklin Farms - Rockbridge IL 62081
Andrea & Daryl Schnelten, Owners
Cattle : 217–493-1924 (Daryl cell)
Pumi Puppies and Haleys Hens: 217-493-8609 (Andrea Cell)

Rocklin Farms
Rockbridge IL 62081
Andrea & Daryl Schnelten, Owners
Cattle : 217–493-1924 (Daryl cell)
Pumi Puppies and Haleys Hens: 217-493-8609 (Andrea Cell)